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Autosport Club Hanmer Rally

28 September 2002.

The car went really well and I'm rapt with the result! Garry Orton had offered to co-drive to give me some instruction (teach me not to drive like a lady !). Unfortunately Garry had urgent business to attend to at the last moment and suggested I ask Adrian Leitch to take over the daunting task.

Wow, what a great rally ! Adrian was fantastic - calling the corners perfectly so that I was able to learn how to read the road and realise that I could push Datsta around those corners just a bit faster than I thought.

The rally ran over the same road 4 times - with a publicity stage in a farmer's paddock during the 'lunch break'. I drove the gravel roads & Adrian took us over the 'autocross track'. This proved to be very valuable as he experienced the car's quaint ways and was able to realise what was going on in its handling. BUT, I was very nervous hopping into the suicide seat, and was so busy looking up at where we were going (and where we should be going) that I missed 85% of the calls.

It got even worse when we made lots of spectators run, whilst sliding sideways getting pretty close to them, all I can remember is turning to Adrian and saying "you b...ard!", luckily we straightened up and missed them all. I think we spun three times. Great fun, but boy was I happy to get back into the drivers seat. It really makes you appreciate how hard the co-drivers work, and how difficult it is to keep your head down!

Funny bits? Adrian charging us toward the crowd at breakneck speed in a 'controlled' fashion (not). Wow, can those spectators run ! The co-driver & dad getting lost in Hanmer (believe me this aint a big place). The price of pizza in Hanmer - unbelievable !

So, we came third in our class - first lady driver (OK, only lady driver) & had a blast. I learnt heaps & would like to say a HUGE thank you to Adrian for coming with me, Delwyn for letting him & wee Brayden for missing out on his dad all weekend.

Off to Rally NZ in a couple of days - can't wait !!!!


Results out soon.

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