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Nelson Car Club Jacobs Ladder Hillclimb

6 April, 2003.


COOL EVENT !! Great road of around 1.9km - quite twisty toward the end. I LOVE this new car!!!

We drove down to Christchurch & back on Saturday to pick up the car after the repairs on the gearbox (4 hours there, 5 and a half hours back). Up early next morning to be at the event before 10am. Great to have a local club event on gravel again! 26 entries which is pretty good for a Top of the South event.

The day ran really well and I'm so pleased with the car! I'm getting used to the difference between rear wheel drive and front wheel drive and loving it. Dad came with me for the practice run and we managed 10th (although 2 of the top placings had no times for this run) with a time of 1.51.45. Run 1 had Dad again & we got 1.47.59 which took us to 9th. Run 2 Dad elected to desert me to sit beside Colin Knapp in his Pulsar, so I went on my own & got a 1.46.50 & in 11th (didn't like being on my own - nobody to yell at me!). Run 3 Dad decided 4wd was much more fun than being told to shut up by his daughter, so Chris Scott sat beside me. He was great! Giving me some good advice. We did a 1.45.50 keeping our 11th place. However, on the fastest times we slipped back down to 12th overall. Still a great result as I know we have so much more to learn and improve - have I said I LOVE this car!! Oh, yes, Dad & Colin got 2nd place.

Anyway, back to earth and a 47 page science essay to hand in the next day, then stats assignment due the day after, then physics test..... boy do I need Rally New Zealand.