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T h e   T e a m

We'd love you to meet the team at Sara Randall Rallysport. They are an incredible team of people who give of their time and energy in pursuit of Sara's dream.

The Team's Philosophy:

Attitude determines the altitude we soar to.





Sara Randall
An amazing teenager with a passion and a dream. Sara has taught us about courage and determination and pushing yourself past your limits. She sets her sights on what she wants and she goes for it. A quick wit with organisational skills to make you dizzy !



A few Hillclimbs, Rallysprints etc:

Full Name: Richard Mason
Full Name: Nigel Randall (Dad)
Full Name: Caity Randall (sis)

Rally of Rotorua, Rally of Hawkes Bay, Rally of Nelson - Carl Rabbidge

Full Name: Carl Rabbidge
Birthplace: Wyndham, Southland
Age: 58yrs
Hometown: Timaru
Carl has had years of experience at the very top level of driving and co-driving. He's competed in several international rallies and its an extremely valuable experience having him sit with Sara in the car!!

Rally of Southland - Dean Schroder (Hoov)

Full Name: Dean Schroder (aka Hoover)
Birthplace: Nelson
Age: 36yrs
Hometown: Blenheim
Hoov has had many years experience as a driver and a co-driver (although Southland will be his first time on notes). Great guy!!

Rally of Otago - Erin Kyle

Full Name :    Erin Marie Kyle
Birthplace :   Hastings, NZ
Birthdate :    10/11/1984
Age: 19yrs
Stats :         168cm, 57kg
"Biggest achievements in motorsport would have to be being the Hawkes Bay Car Club Womens Champion twice (2001 and 2002) and 3rd kiwi home codriving in the 2004 Rally of NZ (well last kiwi as well - but i dont always mention that haha)."

Currently studying second year of Bachelor of Engineering at Massey University, Palmerston North. Aims in motorsport are pretty similar to Sara's actually - to get to the top - just codriving instead.  "Much less stressful !!!!"

Team Advisor



Carl Rabbidge
Carl is pivotal to our National Rally campaign - as advisor, motivator, teacher, trainer - he has been awesome. We truly appreciate the enormous amount of time and effort he puts in and the amazing amount of knowledge and dedication he brings into the team. Not only this, Carl has also spent countless hours on Bert ensuring he's ready to perform at his best.

Team Liaison Officer



Caity Randall (aka Prime Minister !) (NOTE, this is quite an old bio, but Team Mum has left it here in order to embarass Caity!!!)
Aged 13 years, loves horse-riding, drama, singing, animals (breeds mini-lop rabbits). Caity is (big sister) Sara's most ardent fan (when they're not fighting) and is a whizz at changing tyres. Definately the most extraverted in the Randall family. Enjoyes the odd co-driving stint and is learning notes. Off to boarding school next year, so will finally have a tidy bedroom!

For Pippa & Alex, more Caity photos

Chief Service Crew and Bill Payer & Team Psychologist and Window Washer


Nigel Randall (aka Team Dad)
Ever supportive and hardly ever flinches now when Sara says "Dad, I've been thinking......". Doubles as co-driver for local club events - but gets told off for commenting on the driving ! Team Dad is a Consulting Engineer.

Nigel & Bev

Bev Randall (aka Team Mum)
'She who paces at service parks'. Bev attends to the mental welfare of the team members and also washes the windows. Bev is the specialist in nutrition for the team - often seen nagging them all to eat properly and gets really stroppy when they don't. Team Mum is responsible for this website as well as Nelson Car Club, Nelson Speedway, Randall & Associates, and the new database system at Thunder Valley Racing (in USA).


Service Crew

Ian & Michelle

Ian Barr
Ian was a specialist in Datsta after helping Lance rebuild him. Ian joins Bev pacing at service parks. Once again, a great sense of humour. Ian enjoys four wheel drive off roading competitions in his 'spare' time.

Michelle Barr
A really neat lady. Michelle is Ian's wife & a dab hand at the service parks. She has a neat sense of humour and is a successful competitor in four wheel drive off roading - winning the Ladies Cup this year !! Both Ian & Michelle work for Toyota in Palmerston North.


John Christie (JC)
What would we do without JC - an awesome member of the crew who gets things done that nobody else could do! Ever ready with the smile and the knowledge! Based in Timaru and has had many years experience in circuit racing.

Warwick Rogers
Our newest Team Member - Warwick is a Toyota man, and had his first introduction to the team during the Nelson Rally - where sadly, his skills were needed fairly early in the piece!! Based in Nelson.

Hobbies are pistol shooting, cars and just about anything to do with cars. Apparently he's been tinkering with them and his mates cars ever since the LTSA let him drive. He has worked for Bowater Toyota's Parts Department for about 18months now. He's quite involved with Toyota enthusiasts nationwide through a few clubs  (plus a few in Austrailia) and TRD. and he really gets a kick out of helping out enthusiasts with their often tricky requests!


Team Goals

The team will concentrate on the NZ Rally Championship events in 2005.

Our goal is a good placing in the NZ Junior Rally Championship and a top 10 placing in the NZ Rally Championship - big goals, but also a big attitude!

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